What is speed limit?

All unlimited data plans start with a high-speed data bundle.
After using the high speed data of your plan, "speed limit" appears on the homescreen of your device.
At that point, speed is capped to a level where basic browsing, texting and emailing is still possible.

Need more high speed data?

You can purchase additional high speed data plans in the PURCHASE DATA PLAN section

Below an overview of the included high speed data of each unlimited subscription:

  • Day: 500MB (until midnight)
  • Week: 500MB/day (refreshes at each midnight)
  • 1 year unlimited: 2GB/month
  • 1 year unlimited plus: 5GB/month
  • 1 year unlimited gold: 20GB/month
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Secure Mode

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Enter valid IMEI
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Your IMEI is valid
You need to enter a valid VAT number and a matching country of origin

All data plans are available in 140+ countries.


Your bundle overview

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Bundle ready for usage

(starts after your current active bundle expires)

Purchase history


Data plans are available in:

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You have selected:

This bundle will be automatically activated as soon as your current bundle expires


Payment method currently not supported. Please visit www.we.stream to top up via credit card.


You have successfully purchased your bundle!

If you are still on an active data plan, your new data plan will be activated as soon as your current plan is consumed or expired.

In case you see -- in your home screen instead of the remaining GB, please reboot your device.

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If you are attempting to make a purchase with a credit card, your bank may be blocking the transaction due to their security policies. Please contact user support:

email: info@we.stream USA: +1 (424) 214-3131 Europe: +31 (0)88 004 8888
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Your imei is invalid!

Please verify your imei in the account information.

Go to the account information page

Account Information Section

You need to fill in the data in this section so you can purchase data bundles and allocate them to your device.

Please make sure that the IMEI number you've entered in this section is your device's.

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Main Menu

In this page you can navigate to one of the four available sections:

You can also check what bundle is currently active for your account - this information is available in the header area.

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Purchase Data Plan

You can select the bundle you would like to purchase from here.

Prices shown in this screen are excluding VAT and transaction costs.

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Select Payment Method

This is the final step before you make the actual payment for the bundle you've chosen. You can see the final price on the top and select one of three payment methods:

You can fill in the country where you want to make use of the daily bundle, to ensure your data bundle starts at 0:00 in your time zone.*
* Applies to the day and week pass bundle only

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Secure Mode

You can manage your secure VPN connection from this screen.

You can either choose one of the predefined VPN services, or you can choose to provide a url link to your own custom VPN config file and optionally provide credentials for your custom VPN Server.

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Country Overview

Below you will find the list of all the countries where the We.Stream has got connectivity. If the country where you are going to isn't in the list you can always use a local sim card from the country in one of the sim slots.

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